Reason: Lean Manufacturing is broadly viewed as a potential technique to improve profitability and decline costs in assembling associations. The achievement of lean assembling requests predictable and cognizant endeavors from the association, and needs to conquer a few preventions. Industry 4.0 makes an industrial facility savvy by applying propelled data and correspondence frameworks and future-arranged innovations. These paper examinations the deficiently seen connection between Industry 4.0 and lean manufacturing, and explores whether Industry 4.0 is equipped for executing lean. Executing Industry 4.0 is a cost-concentrated task, and is met with hesitance from a few producers. This exploration additionally gives a significant understanding into makers’ predicament with respect to whether they can submit into Industry 4.0, considering the speculation required and unperceived advantages.

Structure/philosophy/approach: Lean Manufacturing is first characterized and various components of lean are displayed. At that point Industry 4.0 is characterized trailed by speaking to its present status in Germany. The boundaries for execution of lean are broke down from the viewpoint of coordination of assets. Written works related with Industry 4.0 are considered and appropriate arrangement standards are distinguished to tackle the previously mentioned obstructions of actualizing lean.

Discoveries: It is distinguished that inquires about and distributions in the field of Industry 4.0 held responses to defeat the hindrances of usage of lean manufacturing. These potential arrangement standards demonstrate the speculation that Industry 4.0 is without a doubt fit for executing lean. It reveals the way that submitting into Industry 4.0 makes a plant lean other than being keen.

Creativity/esteem: Individual explores have been done in different advances aligned with Industry 4.0, yet the possibility to execute lean manufacturing was not totally seen. This paper conquers any hindrance between these two domains, and distinguishes precisely which parts of Industry 4.0 contribute towards separate components of lean manufacturing.

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