The next big thing is Internet of things – IOT – Trainings and Certifications

The next big thing is Internet of things – IOT – Trainings and Certifications

Imagine a world without internet. I guess it is difficult, isn’t it? Indeed it is! Because nowadays dependence on internet is the most obvious thing we can see. Now as we know our daily lives run hand in hand with the internet then we should become aware about the concept of IOT also. What is IOT? Let’s talk about it in this article. Here we will discuss the meaning, working and application of IOT.

IOT which is also called Internet of things. It can be understood as a concept of explaining the idea of connecting internet with everyday physical objects. It helps those objects to identify themselves with other devices. With this IOT the object is able to represent itself on digital platform. The object is now related with its surrounding objects as well as database data.

iot advantages and disadvantages
iot advantages and disadvantages

After defining IOT we are gonna talk about the components of IOT which will tell us how this thing works.

  • Devices: The first component we are going to talk about here is devices or sensors. These devices are used in order to gather every single minute detail around it. This collected data may very from simple to complex. These devices may have more than a single sensor to sense different data. The most common example is our smartphones that has GPS, camera and other sensors.
  • Connection: after the data is collected it is sent to a cloud infrastructure with the help of a medium. These mediums can be connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN, cellular networks etc. It depends on you which network you want to choose from IOT in order to have best connection.
  • Processing data: the collected and transferred data now needs to be processed. So the data processing takes place. This process can be as simple as checking temperature on AC or as complex as identifying people or objects with the help of a video camera.
  • User-interface: after all the above mentioned steps, now the information is made available to the user. The device can make it happen by some sort of notification ring or texts. For actively checking on the IOT system the user needs an interface. Example: for checking the recordings of a video camera one needs to do it through a web server.

Sometimes device may work automatically based on the previously established rules and conditions. These IOT systems can work together without any manual presence. Example: an alarm may start to buzz when spots an intruder.

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After discussing the working of IOT we can now see some applications of it.

  • You can use these sensors to detect any natural calamity like earthquake, floods, tsunamis etc. This thing can save lives.
  • For taking care of elderly patients it can be used. Just in case if any patient suffers from a heart attack or gets unconscious we can have information about it.
  • In case of agriculture this thing can be really helpful. It can detect weather and soil conditions resulting in limited sprinkling the crops and saving as much water as it can. It can also help in increasing productivity by looking for conditions like humidity, light distribution etc.
  • These sensors are helpful in detecting any environment harming thing like radiations, poisonous gas, etc. they inform us about it and save lives.
  • You can change or control the temperature of the room by using a thermostat. Google has launched a thermostat which lets you adjust the room temperature by this.
  • Talking about the latest things and Apple is not in it? How’s it possible? Obviously Apple watch will be here in this list to make you know that apart from time, date and weather it can also tell you about the record of your health. This watch will let you listen to music or even keep a track of your calls.

Talking about Apple we can see that they have launched Apple homekit framework in which Siri communicates with our home devices and control them.

  • Talking about smart devices and not mentioning smartphones? Impossible! Smartphones can be considered as one of the few things in the Internet of Things. It is used to control other smart devices like a remote. By a single touch you can switch on the lights or change the temperature of your room’s AC. Sit back and relax because your work is done automatically now.

All these above mentioned examples has shown us how IOT has made our life easier than before. I am gonna conclude this article by saying that it is the future. By seeing this we can say future is coming in our hands!

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